Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Serial Name Designation E-mail Image
1 Dr. Nargis Akter Lecturer Dr. Nargis Akter
2 Dr. Wahida Khanam Chowdhury
M. Phil. (Pharmacology)
Lecturer Dr. Wahida Khanam Chowdhury <br>M. Phil. (Pharmacology)<br>01716691341
3 Dr. Mohsena Aktar
MD (Pharmacology)
Associate Prof & Head of Department Dr. Mohsena Aktar <br> MD (Pharmacology)<br>01711447252
4 Dr.Najnin Jahan Hafsa
M. Phil. (Pharmacology)
Associate Professor Dr.Najnin Jahan Hafsa <br>M. Phil. (Pharmacology)<br>01711459288
5 Dr. Al Amin, MBBS 01719225202 Lecturer Dr. Al Amin, MBBS  01719225202
6 Dr. Sabina Akter, 01920253858 Lecturer Dr. Sabina Akter, 01920253858