Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Office of the Principal

Comilla Medical College, Cumilla



Seminar and Grand Round Notice 2023



The following decisions are taken about the “Central Seminar and Grand Round” of Comilla Medical College on every Monday to make it more participatory, acceptable and effective one.


1.  Place: Auditorium (New Academic Building), CoMC. 


2.  Time:  Central seminar: 9.15 AM to 10.15 AM.

    Grand round: 8.30 AM to 9.30 AM.


3.      All teachers, Consultant, Resident Physician, Resident Surgeon, Registrar, Assistant Registrar, Lecturer, Medical Officer (RMO, IMO, EMO, HMO) Post graduate students, Doctors including Internee Doctors should attend the seminar and Grand round.                                                          


4.      Seminar is part of the curriculum for MBBS students, so all clinical students should be present in the seminar & should participate in presentation. Participation in the seminar will be counted as clinical class percentage of the respective department.


5.       MBBS students will not attend grand round.


6.      The respective department will arrange the seminar and grand round in scheduled date & time. Any failure of the schedule by any department must inform in written to the Chairman Medical Education Unit at least 15 days earlier than the scheduled date.


7.      Respective head of the department / unit chief will select topic sent a copy to chairman, seminar committee for future references at least 7 days before presentation.


8.      Respective head of the department / unit chief will select the speaker, facilitator of grand round, rapporteur, 2 or 3 members of expert panel from related subject.  


9.      Presenting unit of the grand round will arrange to bring the patient in auditorium during presentation.  


10.  Students participation and sharing of all activities related to seminar should be encouraged and should include recent update for postgraduate students also.  


11.  The respective head of department / unit chief will chair the session. Only chairman, facilitator of grand round, panel of expert will remain in dais. The chairman and rapporteurs should remain vigilant enough to start and finish the seminar in time. Unnecessary comments from audience should not be encouraged except spontaneous contributary comment.


10.  Respective head of the department / unit chief will make arrangement for wide circulation about the topic, date, venue of the seminar or grand round by notice, personnel contact etc. at least 7 days ahead of the scheduled date.



11.  Respective head of the department will send a summary of the presentation within 250 words after completion of respective seminar and grand round.


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